What We Do

Our number one priority is to help entrepreneurs be successful and strengthen their skills. To do this, we provide a number of different services to assist you throughout your entrepreneurship journey.

Are you overwhelmed by all the paperwork, filing requirements and deadlines? You are not alone.  We provide bookkeeping assistance in one of two ways:

  • We do it for you
    • We complete your data entry, bank and account reconciliations, receipt matching, manage your payroll requirements, and GST filing requirements. We use up-to-date technology to make this as efficient as possible for you.
  • Do it Yourself
    • We teach you how to do it yourself. We will help you to get everything set up right, and then teach you how to complete it yourself to ensure you are cost efficient and allow you to be hands on in your business.
Our professional staff go beyond traditional accounting services to meet the growing demand and changes occurring in the economy today.  We are here for you, and our goal is to make your life easier.  We can assist you in several ways:
  • Year end financial review to ensure all of your books and records are complete and materially correct
  • Preparation of year end financial statements for your records
  • Assisting in the preparation of budgets and forecasts for you to analyze, plan and assess your growth
  • Assist in setting up process and controls within your organization as you grow and hire people to help you.
Our firm offers a full range of tax services to assist you with all your corporate and personal legal filing requirements:
  • We ensure that your Corporate T2 Tax Returns are in compliance and completed on time
  • We ensure that your Personal T1 Tax Returns are in compliance and completed on time
  • Handle all payroll requirements including T4 filings and ROEs if necessary
  • Complete all form filing requirements such as dividends (T5), contractor reporting (T5018s), other payments (T4A), etc.
  • Tax planning to ensure you are filing your tax returns in the most efficient tax manner possible.
  • We even have specialists that will sit down with you to review your full tax structure and ensure that you are doing everything possible to create the most wealth for you and your family.
Need additional, more detailed help? Are you feeling overwhelmed managing the financial side of your business as your grow? No worries, we provide you with support in:
  • Controllership and CFO consulting to ensure that your business runs efficiently, effectively, and profitably. Work closely with you to implement your strategic plans
  • Help you through all the different phases of entrepreneurship, how to plan for grow and implement growth from an accounting perspective.